Educating tomorrow’s leaders

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

What Parents Think of Us

C. Kearney

“My husband and I decided to move our daughters from public school to Holy Family School five years ago. It was absolutely the best decision we’ve ever made for them. We saw an immediate improvement in our daughters’ attitudes and their willingness to work hard and strive to achieve. The environment at Holy Family is one of respect, caring and hard work… The teaching methods, with all of the various projects and experiments, are very engaging and challenging for the kids. This has been great for our girls as they needed that challenge to push themselves. We did not have that experience at all in the public school system. Holy Family is excellent at preparing students for high school and teaching them important lessons for life. We couldn’t be happier with the education our daughters have received there.”

J. Stefani

“Faith is at the core of the Holy Family experience. In an environment that promotes and cultivates faith, the faculty and staff at Holy Family School are able to educate the whole student. The teachers merge academic excellence with personal character development. As a community of believers, the faculty and staff at Holy Family School expect their students to be people of integrity and honor, people of character and depth. My children know not only why their studies are important but what their work can bring to others.”

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Holy Family School

Holy Family School

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